Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Menu - GFCF style!

I've been "meaning" to get back on here, post our Turkey Day menu with links to all the special recipes... and by meaning, I mean procrastinating. Ah, the pathway to hell, I've paved it so well (such a nice little rhyme, I should needlepoint a pillow... but I'd never get around to it... and so the cliche lives on!)

So here it is, T-Day morn, and I have done... NOTHING toward that end. I am ridiculous (and filled with great ideas that will never, ever see the light of day.)

But rather than just skip this, I'm posting at least SOMETHING here now. Because I WILL get over this whole procrastination thing. Even if I have to do it one post at a time.

I DID roast and carve our bird (a 12 lb-er!) on Tuesday. Which, let me tell you, was BRILLIANT!! It took almost two hours longer to cook than I anticipated because I bought it the night before (see, procrastinating even that! It's killing me. Srsly!) and it was still frozen solid after spending a night in the fridge. Like, we could have totally done some serious turkey bowling with it! It spent over an hour taking a lukewarm bath in the kitchen sink (tip of the day: don't use hot water to thaw yer bird, you'll end up with cooked bit and still have semi-frozen bits. Result: bad bird!) Even with the kitchen sink forced thaw, it was still hell's frozen over damn cold. And so it took a really loooooooong time to reach the recommended (aka safe) internal temperature... as indicated by the little red pop-out thingy. And when it was finally done, I was able to let it sit for a good solid half hour instead of rushing to carve it right away. Which let it reabsorb all those juices and guess what: juiciest turkey I've ever made!! I will now do this for every holiday. It was brilliant!!

So, without further adieu, here's our menu:

Aforementioned BRILLIANT and juicy turkey

Mashed potatoes (yes, I use potato flakes, in case you were wondering. They are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Just make sure you read the ingredients. Mine are just potatoes.)

Gravy which I make from GF chicken stock. I use cornstarch instead of flour for a thickener. Other than that, it's just regular old gravy. Normally I would have used the turkey drippings, but I wasn't for-thinking enough and totally forgot to save them until after the pan had been tossed (oh, come on. If I using potato flakes, obviously I'm also using a disposable roasting pan!)

Stuffing - I followed my regular recipe using a loaf of GFCF bread (I discovered this one made with tapioca flour and it's so SOFT, definitely our favorite bread!), GF margarine (I use the Nucoa brand since it's readily available in our local grocery stores and not crazy expensive) and the same GF chicken stock I used for the gravy. I'll try to post that recipe later, but other than subbing out the ingredients for GFCF ones, it's just super basic stuffing.

Steamed asparagus (my kids picked the veggie. They love asparagus. And because they've only ever had it steamed, they love it that way. No sauce, no butter, nothing added whatsoever! I should have fed them everything this way. They'd be the healthiest kids on the PLANET!)

Dinner rolls... ok, here's my concession. I bought regular dinner rolls for the other kids. For Sean, I'll butter and toast a couple of slices of his Tapioca flour bread (which he LOVES and it's the closest thing to homemade GFCF bread that I've found.) I was going to make GFCF rolls from this great recipe I found HERE and I AM determined to try it sometime, like maybe at Christmas. But I just ran out of time... and steam. It didn't happen.

Apple crisp - my alternative to apple pie. I'll try to get that recipe on here too. I use GF oats, brown sugar and CF margarine (good old Nucoa again!) Well, there's a bit more to it, but not much! Easiest recipe ever!!

I bought the ingredients for pumpkin pie. I make it without the crust (takes care of the GF portion!) I have both unflavored hemp milk and this other non-dairy/casein free cream substitute specifically for use in recipes that call for cream. I'm dying to try them both. I just don't know if I'm dying to try them TODAY. We'll see.

And that's it. I've kept it as simple as possible. Yes, it's starch heavy. But it's a holiday, not a healthfood faire. I'm trying to keep it traditional, I don't want the kids feeling like they're missing out... or me either!

Happy Turkey Day!!

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Kim said...

Hi Tiffany,
Just wondering how you managed to roast the turkey gfcf. Did you use margarine, or oil to rub it with ... or did you just baste another liquid? I'm trying to pull off a gfcf christmas dinner and can't find any online tips.